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Al-Damalixa clan’s Sheikh warns Turkish people about the referendum 


MANBIJ- Al-Damalixa clan’s Sheikh Sadam al-Sadeq said that the Turkish people must refuse the referendum that AKP will hold because they would lose their lawful rights. Sadam assured and said “Erdogan killed his people for the sake of occupying Syria and he also imprisoned and banished thousands of people after the game of the coup so how the situation would be if the referendum succeeded?”.

The opposing voices of the referendum that AKP is supposed to hold for changing the government rule from parliamentary to presidential by making changes in the constitution that would be shown in the referendum on Sunday are raising.

Al-Damalixa clan Sheikh in Manbij Sadam al-Sadeq expressed his refusal of the referendum. Sadam al-Sadeq also called the Turkish people to refuse the referendum and showed his confidence that the Turkish people have rights and would not accept that referendum that would loot these rights.

Sadam al-Sadeq added “the revolutions that took place in the Middle East especially the Syrian revolution were to finish the individual rule and form a democratic system as the whole authority is in the hands of people to limit the presidents’ oppression so by this people strive for development and progress forwards, but Erdogan strives for guaranteeing the backwardness of people in order to not be opposed by anyone on his authoritarian mentality.

Al-Sadeq said “the effect of this referendum is negative firstly, because its striving for forming a rule as the Syrian Baathist regime. Secondly, because Erdogan would do everything he wanted and nobody would oppose him if the rule became presidential as he wanted to occupy North of Syria under the pretext of its being save area”.

Al-Sadeq intensified on the necessity of the Turkish people refusal the referendum because they would lose their project rights if Erdogan win the referendum. Al-Sadeq also added “according to what I know about the Turkish people, they would not accept this because they are free and have rights in addition to their refusal the authority”.

Al-Damalixa clan Sheikh Sadam al-Sadeq concluded saying “this promotion is for a false and not successful because it is not possible that the Turkish people would accept this. We all know that Erdogan kills his people for his ruling in Syria. Erdogan for the sake of a failed coup imprisoned, banished, and sacked from their jobs thousands of Turkish people so what would be his reaction after the referendum?”.

The people of the area also intensify on the necessity of the Turkish people being cautious about the referendum that would be in April,16. They also see that the successful of the referendum is for the favor of AKP.