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Al-Fattal family inherited liquorice industry since 70 years


Manbij – Al-Fattal family inherited liquorice industry since more than 70 years. They were selling liquorice and tamarid to get money for living using a moving vehicle that was being wandered inside the city’s neighborhoods especially in Ramadan Mubarak month. Moreover, they were wearing special cloths.MINBIC-MALBATEKE-70-SAL-KARE-ESIRA-SUSE-DIKIR1

The citizen Muhammad al-Fattal who is nicknamed by “Abu Jamil al-Sawas (liquorice maker)”, and is 45 years old and one of Manbij people  inherited the profession of making liquorice from his father Mahmoud al-Fattal who also inherited it from his father Mustafa and all of them inherited it from the eldest grandfather Mahammad al-Fattal. Now, Abu Jamil is inheriting the profession to his eldest son Jamil.

Abu Jamil stated that he is known of his profession so he is nicknamed Abu Jamil al-Sawas. Abu Jamil has a shop and he is famous of his skillful work.

Abu Jamil explained how to make liquorice as it is put in cloth bags, and the liquorice maker pours water on the bag several times and continuously till the water color becomes black as in every time, water absorbs liquorice’s materials.  MINBIC-MALBATEKE-70-SAL-KARE-ESIRA-SUSE-DIKIR1 ‫(134349315)‬ ‫‬

As for tamarid, Abu Jamil soaks tamarid mold in water till it melts completely. Then, Abu Jamil adds a specific amount of rose water to tamarid drink.

Abu Jamil also stated that liquorice and tamarid are drinks of Ramadan as he keeps making them throughout Ramadan in addition to some of Summer hot days.

When Abu Jamil and the other staff make liqourice and tamarid, they wear special cloths that he inherits from his fathers and grandfathers in order to preserve their production. These cloths are embroidered and catch eyes.