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Al-Hasakah fire fighters regiment finishes training

AL-HASAKAH– Al-Hasakah fire fighters regiment has finished a course of training on extinguishing fire and providing first aid in the city of al-Hasakah.HSK-BEDAWEKERINA-PERWERDA-ITFA1 ‫(141427206)‬ ‫‬

A course of training was opened on putting out fires and providing first aid to 25 trainees who joined the course from different parts of al-Hasakah city like al-Shadadi, al-Hol, Tel Bayder, Tel Temir, Toyne, and Tel Taweel where the trainees have received lessons and exercises about putting out fires, providing first aid and handling accidents.

In this context, Hussein Ibrahim, a trainer and supervisor, told Hawar news agency’s reporter that during the courses of training, the trainees are taught how to extinguish a fire whether at cars, or any kinds of oil, rescuing civilians, and many other techniques.

Hussein pointed out that it is crucial for fire fighters to train well as they must undertake their security and safety.