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Al-Hasakah Yazidis reach Şengal

ŞENGAL- Hundreds of al-Hasakah Yazidis have reached Şengal region to express their support for its people, YBŞ, and YJŞ against the attacks KDP and the Turkish occupation.

Hundreds of al-Hasakah Yazidis have headed for Şengal to express their support for people and military units there, and to decry the attacks that the KDP mercenaries and Turkish occupation have launched.

Al-Hasakah Yazidis held YBŞ and YJŞ flags and banners with” we condemn and denounce AKP and KDP mercenaries’ attacks on Şengal, and we support YPŞ and YJŞ”.

The Yazidi House member in al-Hasakah city Farouq Tozo said that the aim of their journey to Şengal is supporting its people, Tozo added” we are going to Şengal to send a message to the KDP and its mercenaries that we refuse their attacks and we will go to the regions that are witnessing tension to express our support for YBŞ and YJŞ and Şengal people”.

AKP and KDP launched attacks on YBŞ and YJŞ in Khana Sor on March 3, the mercenaries having abandoned the region in August, 2014 and leaving thousands of Yazidis victims to IS, and now are trying to commit another massacre against the Yazidi people.