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Al-Hasakah youth continue their march towards QamiŞlo

NEWS DESK– The youth of Al-Hasakah who are taking part in the march from Al-Hasakah city to the city QamiŞlo, 30 km away.HES-MESIEA CIWANEA (3)

As part of the “Revolute” campaign, the youth of al-Hasakah city of Kurd, Arab and Syriac started yesterday in a foot march from one city to the city of QamiŞlo.

The distance traveled by the youth is now 30 km, amid an atmosphere of enthusiasm .

Near the road leading to the village of Khirbet Jamal, about 30 km north of Al-Hasakah, the youth held the Dabka workshops, amid the participation of the people walking on the road.HES-MESIEA CIWANEA (1)

It is noteworthy that in conjunction with this march began a march from Dirk and one from the city of Sere Kane, where will meet the three marches in the city of QamiŞlo on the 27th of November, where a central event will be organized there