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Al-Hool Women: We are ready to fight Turkish occupation


Al-HASAKAH – al-Hool town women confirmed that they are ready to fight the Turkish occupation in Afrin, pointing out that they will not hesitate for a moment to participate in Era Resistance, if necessary.

In light of the continued Turkish aggression and massacres on Afrin city, reactions of Rojava and North Syria people increasing, where al-Hool district women confirmed that they will not allow any outside interference and headed by the Turkish fascist state that is trying to fail the democratic nation project, that was during  an interview with Hawar news agency.

At Kongra Star, the administrator Intesar Mousa confirmed that they would not allow the return of Ottoman Empire sought by Erdogan through his attacks on North Syria and Afrin, noting that Afrin would be the graveyard of him and his mercenaries. The thought given to us by the leader Abo as women does not allow us to stand idly by , But it drives us to row with our people in Afrin.

For her part, Hind Hammoud the teacher pointed out that it is not possible to abandon Afrin as part of the Syrian territory, Turkey will not be able to weaken the resistance spirit among the North Syria people, led by Afrin people of Afrin.

Adding that Turkey can not legislate its presence on land that is not its land, Afrin has its history and its people and civilization. And that they, as women in al-Hool town, declare their adherence to Era Resistance and their full readiness to participate in it.

The deputy of al-Hool Council Maisa Hamad stressed the solidarity of al-Hool district women against the Turkish occupation, which is trying to destabilize the security of North Syria

Maisa noted that Turkey will not be able to conquer the will of a people eager for freedom and that Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) will make it regret it for taking this crazy step, then she said: “Erdogan is self-indulgent