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Al-Jazeera Tempest: 2 fronts met, 3 villages liberated


DEIR EZ-ZOR- The fighters of Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) liberated 3  villages in al-Jazrat axis, and they met in al-Jazrat and Abu Khashab axes amid their continuous progress.

The fighters continue progressing during al-Jazeera Tempest campaign that was launched by SDF in September 9.

In Markadah axis, the fighters progressed 2 km towards the west of al-Kobra village, and the fighters are still progressing.

While in al-Sor axis, the fighters reached the beginning of al-Mawaleh village northwest of al-Sor town. During the clashes that erupted in this axis, 3 IS mercenaries were killed, and 2 bodies of them were kept at the fighters hands. In addition, the fighters seized a Kalashnikov with its pouch and 1 PKC.

Moreover, the clashes are still ongoing in al-Sor axis.

Furthermore, the fighters met in the two axes of al-Jazrat and Abu Khashab, and they continue progressing.