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Al-Jazeera Tempest progress outcome in a month


NEWS DESK- Al-Jazeera Tempest campaign completed its first month, and the fighters of Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) liberated 3468 km2, and 156 mercenaries were killed. In addition to that 50,000 civilians were liberated.

The command of Deir ez-Zor Military Council and SDF announced during a press conference launching al-Jazeera Tempest campaign that was started in September 9 aiming at liberating what have been remained of al-Jazeera countryside and the east areas of the Euphrates.

During a whole month, al-Jazeera Tempest liberated many villages and towns. In the beginning of the campaign, it progressed in 2 axes of Abu Fas and Abu Khashab. In September 28, the General Command of Deir ez-Zor Military Council declared the continuation of the campaign from 4 axes which are Mercada, al-Sor, al-Jazrat and the Industrial City axes. On October 2, the fighters in the Industrial City axis were able to insure their positions after the area has been cleaned of mines.

Since October 2, SDF fighters have been progressing from Mercada, al-Sor and al-Jazrat axes. Hawar news agency collected the outcome of a month of the campaign basing on reliable information provided by SDF.

During a month, 3468 km2 of the area’s space has been liberated by SDF including strategic sites such sugar factory, cotton ginnery, electricity factory, Conico company, al-Azba and al-Jafra fields in addition to al-Sor town east of Deir ez-Zor.

The villages that have been liberated during a month in al-Sor axis are Wassya, Sadd villages northeast of Deir ez-Zor. In Mercada axis, Bir al-Maedy, Bir Nefakh and Jwayf villages northwest of Deir ez-Zor have been liberated. In al-Jazarat axis, Tel Abu Fahed, Laggy, Zaliba, Hamoushiya Kabeera, Hamoushiya Sagheera and Kisra villages northwest of Deir ez-Zor have been liberated. In addition to that, 480 hamlets were liberated in all axes.

The clashes that have erupted during the last month resulted in killing 156 mercenaries, and 27 bodies of them were kept at the fighters’ hands. During unique operations, the fighters arrested 70 mercenaries among them amirs. The fighters also destroyed 10 booby-trapped vehicles, 4 military vehicles, 3 Dushkas and an armored vehicle.

The fighters also seized amounts of weapons and ammunition; 27 Kalashnikovs, 8 PKC, 5 walky-talky devices, a Toyota car, 8 missiles with their bases, 7 armored vehicles, a Dushka of 14,2 mm, 2 sniper guns, 6 RBGs, 2 Brno guns, a pistol, a hunting rifle, 83 mortar cannons of 120 mm, a Hummer vehicle, a booby-trapped vehicle, 6 pouches, 2 drones and other amounts of ammunition.

Furthermore, the fighters of SDF liberated 50,000 civilians during the last month, and 45 fighters were killed.