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Al-Jazrah people: SDF protect us



AL-RAQQA- The people of al-Jazrah village in al-Raqqa city returned to their village, and said “Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) fighters protect us and we live safely”.REQA-JIYANA-WELATIYAN1 ‫(1)‬

Al-Jazrah village is west of al-Raqqa city and it is 1 km away from al-Raqqa. Moreover, the village was liberated by SDF in June 9.

After the village was liberated and cleared from IS mercenaries’ remnants, the General Command of SDF allowed people to return to their village as people are living safely in the village and children are happily playing after they have been liberated from IS mercenaries, men and women sit in front of their shops and everybody returned to his work.

Some of the citizens of the village talked to Hawar news agency and assured that they are living safely and peacefully by virtue of SDF.REQA-JIYANA-WELATIYAN1 ‫(144966145)‬ ‫‬

We are living peacefully

The citizen Youness Hamzah who is at 60 stated that he exited his village 4 months ago fleeing IS mercenaries and their practices against the civilians noting that after the village has been liberated by SDF fighters, they returned to their homes.

Hamzah added ” our village is related to al-Raqqa city and it is only 1km away from the city so that we can hear the noises of the clashes”.REQA-JIYANA-WELATIYAN1 ‫(144966146)‬ ‫‬

While the citizen Aboud Taama, the owner of one of the village’s shops, stated that they returned to the village after it has been cleared of IS mercenaries remnants, and their village did not receive much damage as SDF fighters protected and took care about each village which they have entered.

Furthermore, the doctor Youssef Mussa who is one of the village’s citizen stated that all the people of the village; men, women and children danced in rings for their village’s liberation from IS mercenaries.