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Al-Jernia Municipality continues maintaining bridges on al-Tabqa-al-jernia Road

AL-TABQA– The Technical Office of the People’s Municipality in al-Jernia town continues a project for the maintenance of 7 bridges on the road connecting Al-Tabqa and al-Jernia town, which is about 35 km to the northwest.TIBQA-KARI ŞARADARI (4)

In this context, the Technical Office of the Municipality of al-Jernia, in cooperation with the Municipality of al-Tabqa and the Office of Services, repaired the bridge of the damaged village of Remleh after they provided with “chained digger” machinery .

The number of damaged bridges will be rebuilt 7 bridges.

The director of the technical office in the Municipality of al-Jernia Alaa al-Din al-Assaf said “As a first step, we have repaired al-Ramla bridge, fearing the plains and floods due to the rains. However, in the coming period, we will provide a radical solution to this bridge.”

The repair of the Khirbet al-Shafrat bridge will begin over the next week .ALA AL DYN

It is noteworthy that the project began last month and will end with the repair of the 7 bridges during the next month.