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Al-Karamah’s people bid martyr Sawsan Abdullah farewell

AL-RAQQA- The people of al-Karama area and its countryside bid the body of a fighter in the ranks of the Syrian Democratic Forces SDF Sawsan Abdullah farewell, who was martyred during her participation in “al-Jazeera Tempest” campaign and will be buried at Sevdar Martyr Shrine in al-Karama area.REQA-MRASIYME Ş (3)

The mourners gathered at the entrance in al- Karama area to receive the body of martyr Sawsan al-Abdullah whose nom de guerre is Zilan from the Arabic component who martyred during participation in “al- Jazeera Tempest” campaign

The Farwell procession, which included hundreds of cars decorated with pictures of martyrs and flags of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) headed towards the Sevdar Martyr Shrine to begin the ceremony.

The farwell ceremony started with a minute of silence followed by the Women’s Protection Force (YPJ) and a speech was delivered on behalf of the Women’s Council in North Syria, Dalal Darwish, in which she offered condolences to the families of the martyr Sawsan Al-Abdullah and all the freedom martyrs.

Dalal pointed to the role of Arab women in their participation in the campaign and its struggle against the barbaric ideas of IS mercenaries, and called on their struggle to build a democratic society.DLAL

On behalf of the Women’s Protection Units, the leader Ronas gave a word in which she paid condolences to the families of martyrs and pledged to follow the footsteps of the martyrs until they are defeated from all land in North Syria and revenge for the martyrs of freedom.

After that, the document of martyrdom was read by the Families of Martyrs Institution and handed over to her family.

The body of the martyr Sawsan was carried by the fighters

as they chanted slogans praising and glorifying the martyrs to be buried in the Sevdar Martyr Shrine.