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Al-Mansoura municipality solved problem tired people for 2 months


AL-TABQA – After suffering in some areas of the sanitation problem in al- Mansoura town located in the eastern countryside of al-Tabqa city, the problem has been solved with great efforts made by the People’s Municipality in al-Mansoura in cooperation with al-Tabqa’s people’s municipality.TEBQA-ŞARADARI (2)

Sanitation problem began to appear about 2 months ago and was concentrated in 2 areas, the first “al-Dakatra street” in the town center from the north, the second area is the adjacent street to al-Quds school on al-Mansoura outskirts from the south.

In accordance of traffic and population congestion in al-Dakatra street for the presence of all the doctors and clothing stores on the street, the People’s Municipality in al-Mansoura, in cooperation with al-Tabqa’s People’s Municipality have hurried to reveal the location and identify the blockages places that focused on the distributed pipes of water.

After sending the appropriate mechanisms of air and water compressors by al-Tabqa’s people’s municipality, this problem was solved, which has been continued for 2 consecutive months.

“The sanitation problem in al-Dakatra street has been solved and the blockage which has reached 50 meters has been removed from the main distribution point and 6 workers have been assigned their main task of monitoring the sewage pipes and detecting the obstructions if it exist,” said the co-chair of al-Mansoura municipality Faraj al-Yousef.FRIC

According to al-Yousef, al-Mansoura’s people’s municipality will work within the next plan to repair the sewage problem near al-Quds school within the available means. An electric motor has been installed to drain water from pipes in order to reduce it until the obstruction within the main pipeline of the network 62 meters. “

Sewage problems in al-Mansoura are due to the direction of the pipes towards the west, which is the highest point in the town, leading mainly to the deposition of dirt inside the main and secondary sewage pipes.