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Al-Raqqa: 2 bomb-laden vehicles destroyed

AL-RAQQA- The Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) repelled an attack launched by IS mercenaries on SDF points in al-Sina’a neighborhood in al-Raqqa city. Moreover, clashes are still ongoing till now, and caused the killing of 5 IS mercenaries and seizing two booby-trapped vehicles.

Al-Raqqa liberation campaign is ongoing in its 7th day at its strongest.

On Tuesday at 05:00, the mercenaries of IS launched an attack on SDF points in al-Sina’a neighborhood east of al-Raqqa city, and the fighters resisted the attack. In addition, the clashes that broke out in the neighborhood resulted in killing 5 IS mercenaries in addition to seizing two booby-trapped vehicles.

While on Tuesday afternoon at 13:35, the mercenaries attempted to launch another attack on SDF points as the fighters repelled the attack and destroyed the two booby-trapped vehicles before reaching their aim.

Ongoing clashes in al-Sina’a till now

On the western front of al-Raqqa city, fighters moved towards Huteen neighborhood at 18:00 on Monday, clashes erupted between SDF and the mercenaries who were stationed at the trenches and tunnels under the ground, the clashes resulted in losing 3 fighters their lives, and wounding 5 others.

In a relevant concern, combing and clearing continues in al-Romaniyah neighborhood.