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Al-Raqqa: car-bombed attack foiled, 33 mercenaries killed


AL-RAQQA – Syrian Democratic Forces fighters foiled a car-bombed attack and killed 33 mercenaries during clashes that have continued since yesterday around the National Hospital and Al-Rashid Park in the center of al-Raqqa.

The campaign to liberate the city of al-Raqqa continues at full momentum since it was launched on June 6 by the Syrian Democratic Forces fighters which have been engaged in fierce clashes with IS gangs and hve inflicted heavy losses to, SDF also managed to reach the center of al-Raqqa city.

In this context, clashes continue between the SDF fighters and IS mercenaries around the National Hospital and Al-Rashid Park in the neighborhood of al-Amin, which has been in the center of the city since yesterday night.

During the clashes, SDF fighters foiled an attack and detonated a bombed-car before reaching its destination, and fighters foiled a suicidal attack and killed mercenaries before reaching the fighters’ points.

As a result of the clashes that continue since yesterday in Al-Amin neighborhood, 33 mercenaries were killed.

During the heroic resistance shown by the fighters in the neighborhood, five fighters rose to the rank of martyrdom.

The clashes are continuing around the National Hospital and Al-Rashid Park between the fighters of the Syrian Democratic forces and IS mercenaries.