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Al-Raqqa Civil Council opened lawyers’ training course

AL-RAQQA- Al- Raqqa Civil Council opened a training course for graduates of the Law Faculty to be appointed to the Social Justice Bureau in al-Karama area.REQA-VEKRNA-DEWRE-2-300x225

Al-Raqqa Civil Council opened the training course which 20 trainees from al-Karama area east of al-Raqqa city attended. The training is supervised by 3 trainers from the Training and Construction Committee in al-Jazeera canton.

The training course will continue for 15 days, during which, the trainees will receive lessons on (the Penal Code, the Procedure Code and the Peace Committees’ Law). The trainees are lawyers.

Mahmoud Khilo, a member of the training committee said: “If the trainees become qualified, the Justice Office in al- Karama will be opened to resolve cases in al-Karama and the surrounding villages.”MEHMUD-XEO-300x225

“Women play an active role beside men to serve society, especially at affairs related to justice and society that need to Justice Bureau to eliminate injustice.” said Samaha Shahein, the lawyer, and a member of the training committee.