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Al-Raqqa clans support Federalism elections

GIRÊ SIPÎ- Al-Raqqa clans’ sheiks and notables assured their support to Democratic North-Syria Federation during an expanded meeting as the most prominent clans of the area met in a tent in the northern countryside of al-Raqqa.

Al-Raqqa Clans’ meeting gave a chance to the communes’ heads to elect. It is supposed that the communes’ elections would take place next September 22.

The co-chairs of Democratic Autonomous Administration (DAA) in Tel Abyad Hamdan al-Abd and Zalikha Abdy, the co-chair of Al-Raqqa Civil Council Leila Mustafa, in addition to a number of the council’s members and the manager of General Relations Office of Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) in al-Raqqa Farhan Hajj Issa attended the meeting which was held in Sheikh Hassen village which is 60 km southern of Tel Abyad canton in al-Furat region.

A noticeable attendance of sheikhs of al-Hanadah, al-Na’eem, al-Bu’assaf, al-Bagarah and other clans of the area and the representative of Kurdish clans in the area al-Sheikh Hayaty al-Kurdo was seen.

At the beginning of the meeting, the co-chair of DAA in Tel Abyad Hamdan Al-Abd delivered a speech and assured that the elections establishes the free life and democratic mindset.

Hamdan al-Abd praised the main role of SDF in al-Raqqa liberation campaign, and their prominent favor that gathered the clans in a meeting under one tent after a state of division was witnessed in the area by the armed gangs and IS mercenaries.

Then, Zalikh Abdy, the co-chair of DAA in Tel Abyad, intensified on the effective role of women in Democratic Federation elections, and the main role of women in liberating al-Raqqa city.

In the name of Al-Raqqa Civil Council, Omar Alloush appreciated Al-Raqqa Civil Council clans’ support to al-Raqqa people, and thanked everyone provided moral and psychological aid to Al-Raqqa Civil Council including clans and others.

The manager of General Relations Office of SDF Farhan Hajj Issa called for all al-Raqqa people to stand in solidarity with SDF till liberating al-Raqqa from IS mercenaries.

Moreover, the attendees participated in eating food prepared by the area clans amid discussions and conversations that assure the clans’ support to the Democratic Federation.