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Al-Raqqa: clashes in al-Barid, Batany, 16 mercenaries killed 

AL-RAQQA– Violent clashes erupted between Syrian Democratic Forces and IS gangs in al-Barid and Batany neighborhoods east of al-Raqqa city, consequently, 16 mercenaries were killed till now, fighters also seized an ammunition repository south of al-Raqqa.

Al-Raqqa liberation campaign reaches 14th day

IS gangs launched on Sunday at 17:40 an attack on al-Barid and Batany( al-Bayatra) neighborhoods and clashes erupted there and are continuing till now, no less than 16 mercenaries’ bodies were seized by SDF.

Meantime, SDF fighters are advancing south of al-Raqqa toward its center, this front has witnessed violent clashes on Sunday, reports of many mercenaries killed were obtained, and a repository of ammunition and different kinds of arms was found.

SDF fighters have also destroyed on Sunday a bombed vehicle in al-Batany neighborhood east of al-Raqqa city.

Battles are ongoing within the two neighborhoods till now.