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Al-Raqqa fighters: ready to defend Afrin



AL-RAQQA-The fighters and leaders of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) in al-Raqqa city expressed their readiness to go to Afrin and fight the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries.

The Turkish occupation and its mercenaries attacked Afrin region since the 20th of January, where they committed many massacres against the people of Afrin, but the people of Afrin and its forces thwarted Erdogan’s dream of restoring the Ottoman state he aspired to. In this context, the (SDF) fighters in al-Raqqa confirmed their readiness to stand in the face of Turkish aggression.

Olive land will be a thorn in Erdogan’s throatCIWAN REQA

“We are still fighting IS mercenaries terrorism, which many world powers have not been able to eliminate. We have achieved many victories that have not been seen all over the world,” said the leader in (SDF) Joan al-Raqqa

Joan pointed out that their forces are ready to go to Afrin and repel the Turkish aggression, just as they liberated Kobani, al-Raqqa and its countryside from Erdogan’s mercenaries. “The olives land will be a thorn in the aggressor Erdogan’s throat” he said.

“No matter how Erdogan used the weapons and bombarded us with aviation, he does not shake a hair from our body, but adds to our determination to achieve victory, no matter how much we sacrifice, “Joan added.

“Those who fight in Afrin are IS mercenaries’ remnant, but our forces are dealing with them with high morale,” said the leader, Walat Qamshalo.WELAT QAMISLO

“Turkey with its size and the number of its army has not been able to advance one meter in the land of Afrin because we have rights and we do not attack anyone, but we protect, liberate and defeat terrorism wherever we are asked to be,” he said.