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Al-Raqqa people get ready for schools opening


QAMIŞLO- In order to activate education and open schools in al-Raqqa and its countryside, 24 teachers from al-Raqqa finished a training course to be qualified to teach in al-Raqqa and its surrounding cities and towns’ schools next year.

Democratic Society Training Academy in Tel Habasha village in Amoda district concluded a training course for 24 teachers from al-Raqqa and it has lasted for a month.

The course was under the name of “Şehîd Baton Course” which started in July 15 and ended on Thursday.

The trainees received lessons about the training’s importance, women’s history, Jinology (Women’s Science), Syria’s history, Rojava Revolution , Sociology of Freedom in addition to other intellectual lessons.

It is supposed that the staff would contribute in opening the schools in al-Tabqa city, Ain Issa town and al-Raqqa countryside.

The course was opened to them to recognize the democratic mindset and women rights

One of the graduates who received the course whose name is Bushrah al-Gharb from al-Tabqa city said that she insisted to join the training course and to recognize the democratic mindset and women’s rights.

Bushrah al-Gharb added “our aim of this training course is to spread knowledge and eliminate ignorance that was spread by IS during the years they have occupied the area”.

Bushrah noted that there was equality among women and men during their community life according to the academy’s system while their own traditions do not allow this.

Bushrah also stated that they have received many lessons and learned a lot during training period including the equality among men and women, recognizing women’s rights in addition to compassionate comrade spirit, the mindset of democratic nation, Democratic Autonomous Administration concept and federation concept.


Bushrah continued “I have been able to change myself and my society for the better”.

Bushrah concluded saying “after I reach al-Tabqa, I will start teaching children and I have learned that women must have a position within the society and they must get rid of slavery and the authoritarian mindset”.

While Kawthar Abdul Rida who is one of al-Raqqa women said “here, I found the reality of democratic nation, justice, respecting and liking women”.

Kawthar expressed her admiration to the Kurdish leader Abdullah Ocalan’s perspective and philosophy, and her happiness to join the training course”.

Kawthar and her husband underwent the training in the same course as her child accompanied her from the beginning of the course till the end”.