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Al-Raqqa people  gradually return to their lives’ basics



Al-RAQQA-  Al-Makef market in eastern of al-Raqqa has begun its work again selling and purchasing the livestock, which is considered a trade of the basics of the people’s work to secure their livelihood.REQA-SUKA-SEWAL (2)

The people of al-Raqqa city depend on stockbreeding and trading livestock, so the people opened the market of al-Makef which is currently located east of al-Raqqa city after moving 3 times from its place as it is considered a mobile market.

After Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) liberated al-Raqqa city from the oppression of IS mercenaries, the people of al-Raqqa city returned to their homes, and then, they began to return life to their city with the support of SDF to secure their livelihood.

The sheep market that is called al-Makef was established in al-Raqqa city in 1960 beside the fire station in the center of al-Raqqa city. After the building has been developed and the population crowded, the market moved in 1970 to Tel al-Aswad neighborhood. In 1980, it was moved to the east of the city which is still in place.

And the people sold and buy from this market a lot of the livestock that is considered one of the basics of their lives. The sale and purchase of the livestock or animals is being conducted by a person called the auctioneer, the owner of the price of the animal satisfying the two parties.
The price of livestock is determined after the auctioneer places the hand of the animal’s owner in the hand of its purchaser, and the bargaining begins to determine the price of the livestock. The trader starts to reduce the price for the purchasers to buy, and when the two sides get satisfied with the price, the auctioneer divides their hands strongly, and this is one of the habits of buying and selling.

Hawar news agency met the auctioneer Ahmed al-Sanab ,who said “I have been practicing this profession in al-Makef in al-Raqqa city for 10 years, and I am responsible for satisfying the two sides. I am the link between the seller and buyer, and determine the price that would satisfy both parties.”

For his part, the merchant Hussein al-Fattah has appealed  saying “I appeal to all traders and livestock owners to return to the market to work again as it was in the past.”