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Al-Raqqa’s Civil Council” activities of the constituent congress launched


AL-RAQQA– Activities of the first constituent congress of al-Raqqa’s Civil Council were launched before a while in the Syrian Democratic Board headquarter in Ain Issa.    Under the slogan” Fraternity of Peoples and Coexistence Guarantee Democratic Nation”, al-Raqqa’s Civil Council is holding its first constituent congress in the town of Ain Issa, the nine-member Preparatory Body has been working over six months, holding conferences and meetings with locals and clans’ notables to learn about their opinions over administrating al-Raqqa city, and knowing their demands as a council would be established after the Preparatory Committee finished its job.

Ilham Ahmad the co-chair of Syrian Democratic Board(SDB), Farouq al-Mashi the co-chair of Legislative Council- Civil Administration of Manbij, Ibrahim al-Qaftan and Zainap Qanbar co-chairs of the Executive Council, Hamdan al-Abed the co-chair of Autonomous administration in Tel Abyad, Gen. Talal Silo the SDF spokesperson, and Wrath of Euphrates spokesperson Jihan Shiekh Ahmad have attended the congress, in addition, a number of Syrian Democratic Board members were also present.

The congress hall was decorated with Syrian Democratic Forces, Syrian Democratic Board flags, and martyrs’ photos, in addition, a banner with “ Women’s Will and Youths’ Spirit Are the Pillar of Our Renaissance” was hung.

With the participation of 110 personas from Kurdish, Arab, Turkmen clans from al-Raqqa city and some intellectuals and independent personas, the congress was started with a minute of silence, then SDB member Omar Allosh welcomed the audience and delivered an opening speech in which the Preparatory Body’s role was pointed out to, then a five-member divan was elected to manage the congress.