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Al-Raqqa’s Civil Council releases a statement

AL-RAQQA-  Al-Raqqa’s Civil Council released a statement on Thursday appealing to humanitarian organizations, and the UN body to help al-Raqqa refugees as they are experiencing difficult conditions, amid fears of diseases spreading. مجلس الرقة المدينة يناشد لتقديم المساعدات للنازحين (1)

“Despite our people and the world’s happiness for the overwhelming victories Syrian Democratic Forces achieved, and the progress made in liberating towns and villages in al-Raqqa governate from the clutches of IS gangs, they are still turning a blind eye to the repercussions of these operations where a big number of these people are forced to displace to safe regions escaping the IS terror”.

“The council established many camps and is undertaking its administration despite the poor possibilities, the refugees number has reached 10 thousand people during the few past days, which is imposing a burdensome responsibility on the council’s shoulders. So, we as al-Raqqa’s Civil Council appeal the world, the UN and humanitarian organizations to undertake their duty and provide actual support and help for our displaced people, as they are now running an inappropriate life which does not appeal to anybody as diseases are spreading, and al-Raqqa people are paying the cost of repelling and fighting these terrorist gangs instead of the whole world”.

Glory and Eternity for Our Martyrs.

Be Syria Safe and Sound

Al-Raqqa’s Civil Council