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Al-Raqqa’s constituent congress:  a statement released, decisions made  

AL-RAQQA-  Al-Raqqa’s Civil Council has made some decisions about organizing the community and return of the displaced; this was declared in the constituent congress activities of al-Raqqa’s Civil Council which was held this afternoon in Ain Issa town.

The Preparatory Committee of al-Raqqa’s Civil Council announced establishing the council, its aims, and resolutions that the council will be working on implementing, this was released in a press conference held in Ain Issa where many personas attended.

After taking the oath, Syrian Democratic Board member Omar Allosh read the final statement of the constituent congress of al-Raqqa’s Civil Council.

More than 1,00 personas including clans’ notables, political and cultural personas, professional competencies of al-Raqqa and its countryside people have met on April 18, 2017, after extensive discussions about the political paper presented by the Preparatory Committee, considering the present Syrian status quo in general and al-Raqqa’s in particular after the many blows dealt to IS by Syrian Democratic Forces in cooperation with the global coalition, they have reached to conclusions; the region prevailed by totalitarian and dictatorial regimes and IS gangs and its affiliate’s are heading today towards elimination, filtering and demise, so a proper alternative should be established in order to achieve the society’s aims in freedom, justice and equality.

This could be achieved by establishing a democratic, pluralistic and decentralized system which takes into consideration building members and adopts free, aware and prolific human beings as a basis to achieve an ethical and political society which principle is balancing member-society freedom in accordance with fraternity of peoples and coexistence according to democratic nation concept, to realize this aim, participants resolved on founding al-Raqqa’s Civil Council which will undertake managing the governate’s affairs after its liberation, as committees in the social justice, services, security, protection, education, press, health, women, youths will be formed, in addition, the Sheikh Mahmoud al-Barsan, Leila Mustafa were elected co-chairs in addition to three deputies.

These resolutions were reached in the foundational meeting:

  • All the displaced will return to the governate, national cohesion, cooperation, productive work and standing together states will be all retrieved to build a new stable life.
  • Working on developing the security and defense systems in the governate to achieve safety and security for members and the society as a whole.
  • Rebuilding the council after the governate’s complete liberation, thus it is extended to include professional competencies and specialists without marginalizing anybody to make al-Raqqa an example of coexistence.
  • Women and youths are given a pioneer role.
  • Organizing society from the smallest cell to its most complex according to council’s system starting from villages to cities.
  • Activating all bodies and institutions; education, services and health damaged by war.
  • Adopting the report that is prepared by the Preparatory Committee after applying modifications the participants propose.
  • Al-Raqqa’s Civil Council thanks the brave Syrian Democratic Forces on their heroic sacrifices and the support for the Wrath of Euphrates campaign to take a complete grip of the governate.
  • Al-Raqqa’ Civil Council takes Ain Issa as a temporary headquarter till the city is liberated.
  • Al-Raqqa’s Civil Council is assuring on providing support for all Syrian governates aspiring to freedom and cooperating with them in accordance with the principles of coexistence, fraternity of peoples and unity of destiny.
  • The participants appealed to the international community to help al-Raqqa people to be able to rebuild their city after its liberation, and retrieve life to the community on basis of freedom, equality, democracy, and social justice.

al-Raqqa’s Civil Council would thank everybody who took part in the preparations and lifted morale, the council hopes that personas and notables who did not have the chance to join the first stage due to their own and objective circumstances to join, so the council’s work and activities will be products of all al-Raqqa governate people.

Long Live Democratic, Pluralistic, and Decentralized Syria.

Death to Terrorism and Despotic Regimes.

In Hand in Hand, Towards Building al-Raqqa, an Example of Coexistence and Fraternity of Peoples.