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Al-Raqqa’s Khas Ageyl village is a strategic one


AL-RAQQA- Khas Ageyl is situated 45 km southeast of al-Raqqa city, 50 km west of Deir ez-Zor city and is 7 km from Hamad Assaf silos lying on the bank of the Euphrates River, Khas Ageyl is also inhabited by around 500 of Mumarah and al-Hawas tribes’ members. HSK-GRNGIA-GONDI-XAS-AGEL (2)

Khas Ageyl had been occupied by IS mercenaries since 2014, to be liberated then on March 12th by SDF in the 3rd step of the 3rd stage of Wrath of Euphrates which was launched in November 6, 2016.

The village liberated by SDF fighters, they took to cleaning and combing the region from IS mercenaries remains, where 3 bomb-laden vehicles, prepared for attacking SDF positions were seized, and 7 three-meter trenches used as dens to conceal from global coalition strikes were found.

The mercenaries launched 3 attacks on the village after its liberation, but SDF fighters managed to repelled them all. HSK-GRNGIA-GONDI-XAS-AGEL (3)

Khas Ageyl significance lies in its strategic position as it links southern villages of the Euphrates with northern ones, it also connects Deir ez-Zor with al-Raqqa city.

SDF fighters explained that since this is one of the most strategic villages in the eastern countryside of al-Raqqa, IS gangs attempted many a time to retake control of it.

Khas Ageyl was liberated on March 12, fighters also found arms and tunnels that the mercenaries dug around the village.