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Al-Raqqa’s transportation companies reoperating  


AL-RAQQA- The Services Committee belonging to municipality in al-Raqqa has ended processing of Pullman Garage in al-Raqqa city where all office owners received their offices by the Services Committee and started their work and return to work by relocating the residents throughout the Syrian governorates.REQA-BISKIRIKA-JON O-HATIN (2)

The Services Committee cleaned out Pullman Garage from the remnants of war and rubble that had surrounded the garage and returned to life. Today, it is working on repairing the external garage of the service cars and building an external wall.

The garage is located in al-Raqqa city, south of the roundabout of al-Sa’ah founded in 1996 and then several companies were opened for the internal and external transport, including offices (al- Karama, al-Amir, al-Hamoud), then, the city was dominated by IS gangs and the offices were closed, and the garage was vandalized by IS gangs.

In this regard, the supervisor of the garage’s reconsturction by the Services Committee Khalil al-Mousa said: “I was assigned by the Services Committee to oversee the cleaning of the garage remnants of war and the effects of destruction and earth mounds, and today we have finished cleaning the garage, which is ready to start work again.”XALIL MUSA

The garage is due to reopen after the owners of the offices have cleaned their offices and brought buses to start the transportation lines from al-Raqqa to all the Syrian governorates, all the companies that used to work in the garage will return to work again.