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Al-Rasheed camp: home to hundreds of displaced Syrians amid poor possibilities



AL-RAQQA–Refugees’ suffering is increasing day by day due to the lack of basic necessities in al- Rasheed camp which residents have fled from brutal practices of the Baathist regime and IS gangs.

Al-Rasheed camp, located 30 km north-west of al-Raqqa city, was set up on 18-6-2017 by al-Raqqa Civil Council.

The camp is inhabited by the refugees who fled from the bombing and Baathist regime’s brutal practices and IS gangs from different areas as Deir-ez –Zor, Hama, Homs, Aleppo and  Maskanah.

Refugees are facing in the camp the cold and lack of food and the large numbers of the refugees are staying in the camp where every 3 families live in 1 tent, and the tent is very bad to protect them from rain and cold, so they depend on the irrigation channels that pass next to the camp, while the camp lacks a lot of water and sanitation.

During an ANHA tour around al-Rasheed camp meeting displaced people, including Amal al-Mustafa from Homs countryside, whose family consisting of 10 people.” We have been staying in the camp for 4 months,” We do not have enough food, nor do we have money to afford our daily needs. Because we came out of our areas and did not bring anything with us.”

Amal al-Mustafa appealed to the humanitarian organizations and the al-Raqqa Civil Council to help and assist them to provide milk to the children of the camp.

For her part, the displaced Amina Hussein from al-Raqqa city said “Since the beginning of the displacement, we have been in the wilderness and al-Raqqa Civil Council has given us tent, but it is not enough for us, and every 3 families are sleeping in one tent. “When the council and the organizations provide assistance in the camp only one basket is given for us without considering the 3 families in a single tent.”

“The camp needs tents to accommodate the large number of displaced people in al-Rasheed camp, and we need assistance because we fled our homes as a result of the battles that took place in our village and we did not bring anything only our clothes,” said Khalid al-Rashid, a displaced from Ma’dan in the eastern countryside of al-Raqqa city under the dominion of the Baathist regime.

Rashid called for opening a health center in the camp to provide medicine and treatment, especially for children.

In this context, the head of the Relief Committee and administrative at al-Rasheed camp, Abdul Hanan al-Khader, said: “The camp needs services and assistance, we have limited possibilities and to provide assistance to displaced people in al-Rasheed camp, relief and humanitarian organizations should help us, but what we get and distribute is not enough and refugee are increasing day by day.”

In this regard, Abdul Hanan Al-Khader appealed to the humanitarian organizations and al-Raqqa Civil Council to provide assistance to the displaced and to provide medicines, food and infant formula.