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Al-Sadd camp prepares for Winter


AL-HASAKAH- Al-Sadd camp which is located in al-Shadady district is getting ready to receive Winter season, and the specialized committees is working afoot to do some modifications in order to alleviate the refugees suffering.HSK_HAZRITYEN_ZIVSTANE1 ‫(1)‬ ‫‬

As Winter approached and the number of the refugees increased, especially after al-Jazeera Tempest campaign launched, the administration of al-Sadd camp is getting ready to receive Winter as it divided the camp into two sectors, and the committees are maintaining the sewage and opening water drains to avoid water overflowing to the camp because the camp and the dam are only a few meters apart.

Hawar news agency interviewed the administrative in al-Sadd camp Shamsa Issa, and Shamsa talked about the preparations of the camp for Winter and assured that the camp’s administration is working hardly to receive Winter.

Shamsa Issa made it clear that the administration provided the refugees with their available possibilities. Moreover, the crushed stones were put on the camp floor in order to facilitate walking, and to prevent mud collection.

Shamsah Iss said “we would maintain water pumps and put them in the dam to turn it on during Winter for the dam to not overflow”, and Shamsa considered this step the most important step to protect the refugees.HSK_HAZRITYEN_ZIVSTANE1 ‫(181273090)‬ ‫‬

The administrative in the camp Shamsa Issa concluded calling for the international organizations to provide the camp with Winter tents, blankets for the refugees to not be exposed to coldness and diseases during Winter.