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Al-Sanadid Commander: We are ready to take part in the Raqqa campaign

RAQQA – The General Commander of the Al-Sanadid Forces Bender Deham Al-Hadi told ANHA that their forces are ready to participate in the ‘Wrath of the Euphrates’ campaign to liberate Raqqa from Daesh (Arabic acronym for so-called Islamic State).

Al-Sanadid Forces announced their participation in the Raqqa campaign with a press meeting which took place in the village of Heisha, north of Raqqa on Tuesday. The Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) had launched the start of the campaign on November 5.

Speaking to Hawar News Agency, commander Deham Al-Hadi affirmed that they will eliminate all Daesh gangs whilst their forces “topple the caliphate capital” of Daesh and cleanse the gangs from the lands of Syria by taking part in the operation.

Noting that the liberation of Raqqa means the removal of Daesh from Syrian land, the commander said, “Raqqa is the capital of the caliphate as they call it. The gangs take all their power from this city. The liberation of this city means that Daesh gangs will be cleansed from all the lands of Syria”.

Lastly, Al-Hadi noted that the Al-Sanadid Forces have completed their preparation to hold an effective role in the campaign and that they will fight to eliminate Daesh from Syrian land.