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Al-Sanadid forces: We go wherever the YPG goes

NEWS CENTER – The Al-Sanadid forces of the Shammar tribe continue to fight in collaboration with the YPG/YPJ forces and say that they will be following the YPG forces where ever they go.

On 19 July, the Rojava Revolution will leave its third year behind. During these three years, the YPG/YPJ forces waged major resistance against the ISIS gangs and liberated Kobanê, Til Berek, Til Hemis, Mount Kizwan, Silûk, Eyn Îsa and Hesekê from the gangs.

YPG forces have achieved all these victories by receiving the support of the peoples of the region. Al-Sanadid forces affiliated to the Shammar tribe,one of the biggest ones in the region, have taken their place among the forces fighting together with the YPG/YPJ since the start of the revolutionary process in Rojava.

Shammar tribe is inhabiting in Til Koçer and Jazaa regions of the Cizîr Canton of Rojava as well as in Iraq. The tribe is not under control of any forces in Iraq and only defends its own lands while in Rojava the Sanadid forces of the tribe fight jointly with the YPG/YPJ forces. The Sanadid forces say that they will follow YPG/YPJ wherever they go, and that they can even liberate Baghdad jointly.

Sanadid forces say they make their plans and and preparations for operations jointly with the YPG forces. They emphasize that members of the Shammar tribe are people of plains while the Kurds are peoples of mountains and that the plains and mountains came together in the nature of things.

Sanadid forces say that the red colour in their flag represents blood while the yellow represents the light, calling themselves “marchers on the red death”.