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Al-Shadadi women: proud to join Women Asayîş Forces


AL-HASAKAH– Asayîş members in al-Shadadi town said that they joined Women Asayîş Forces according to the principle” protection is a duty everybody should undertake”, and added that they have resolved on joining the forces to defend their land and protect their own regions, noting that they are proud of their work thanks to the Ocalan philosophy, thought and struggle for women freedom.  HSK-A-ESAYSA-JINE-LI-SEDADE ‫(1)‬

Adhering to the principle” protection is a duty everybody should undertake”, al-Shadadi women have joined Asayîş Forces, they decided to establish their own Asayîş forces in al-Shadadi in January 23rd as their number was increasing.

In April 7, these preparations fruited in declaring Women Asayîş Forces and an office was opened.

Today the number reaching 30 members in al-Shadadi, the forces are taking part in preserving the interior security of the region side by side with the Asayîş, managing checkpoints and barricades, and guarding the security headquarters in the region.HSK-A-ESAYSA-JINE-LI-SEDADE ‫(137495041)‬ ‫‬

Randa Khider a Women Asayîş member pointed out” the reactionary customs and traditions have always put obstacles in front of us, but the region liberated from IS, women have taken part in the civil and military fields, so I decided to take part too in serving my region and joined Asayîş Forces and I am so proud of it”.

Randa went on” as we joined Asayîş, we proved to people that women can undertake their role in different life fields, and her role is not restricted to the house”.

Another member Mahabad al-Shadadi said” in order to liberate our land and honor, we have joined Asayîş, this step is a response to all those who think that women will oppressed all their lives, we are proving today the contrary”. HSK-A-ESAYSA-JINE-LI-SEDADE ‫(137495042)‬ ‫‬

Mahabad added that danger is still present, particularly by the mercenaries who are repeatedly trying to destabilize the security of the region.

About their work, Mahabad said” we as Women Aasyîş watch checkpoints, protect sensitive headquarters in the region, in addition to that, we participate in break-ins, and arrest criminals”.

Huda Ali said” we as al-Shadadi women, we have suffered a lot at the hands of the mercenaries who were occupying the region, the region liberated, we found ourselves obliged to protect ourselves against the mercenaries’ attacks so we joined the Women Asayîş forces”.

Huda also called in her speech all women in al-Shadadi town to join their ranks to protect themselves and their country.