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Al-Shahba shelled:2 civilians wounded, fire broke out in Robar camp

AFRIN- 2 civilians were wounded by the Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries’ shelling on al-Shahba areas where fire broke out in Robar camp for refugees in Sherawa district.

Turkish occupation army has been shelling since Friday morning villages and towns of al-Shahba liberated areas, the shelling intensified in the evening and extended to al-Shahba Dam, Tel Rifat, Sheikh Issa, Sheikh Hilal, al-Nayrabiyah, Halisah, and the outskirts of Om Hosh, Ahras, and Robar camp for refugees in Sherawa district, Afrin canton.

Due to the shelling on Ahras village, 2 citizens have been wounded and taken to Avrin Hospital at the center of Afrin canton to receive medical treatment, the wounded brothers are Fuad Hanifi at 25, and Ahmad Hanifi at 18 who were injured by shrapnel in different parts in their bodies.

According to the doctors, their state is stable as they were not critically wounded.

Our reporter from Sherawa pointed out that fire broke out in Robar camp surrounding because of the shelling, refugees rushed to put out the fire before it reached the tents.