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Al-Shahba: Turkish occupation army displaces native locals

AL-SHAHBA– The Turkish occupation army has displaced 5 Kurdish and Turkmen families from Noman village and has turned the village’s school into a prison to torture detainees.

A source from Noman village in al-Shahba regions told ANHA that the Turkish occupation army has displaced 5 native families (4 Kurdish ones, and a Turkmen) from the village.

The source said that the families displaced are Kamiran Ahmad, a Turkmen and Mahmoud Hamdik, Majed Ahmad Ismail, Muhamad al-Ahamd and Malek Mahmoud Kurdish families.

The source added that Kurds are forcibly subjected to displacement, and Turkmen who reject Turkish occupation policies and acts are also forced to leave the area.

The source pointed out that a leader of the mercenaries who comes from Homs city is residing now at the Mahmoud Hamdik house, which is worth 200 million S.P.

Turkish occupation is turning schools into prisons 

The source added the Turkish occupation army, following IS footsteps, has turned Noman School into prisons for torture, and said” we always hear cries and sounds of persons being tortured within the city.

The source said that the villagers who want to get out of the village fear abduction and murder by the mercenaries.

Turkish occupation army has since August 24, 2016 begun occupying the Syrian north lands and is changing the demography of the area by displacing Kurdish people and some Arab and Turkmen families who oppose their occupation, instead, Turkmen families from Iraq and some taken out of Syrian areas are settled there within agreements held with the regime.

Using its Turkmen conspirators, the Turkish occupation army has recently begun buying lands in al-Shahba.