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Al-sherabiya clan assured on peoples’ fraternity


AL-HASKAH- Al-Sharabiin clan in al-Jazeera explained its position on the claims of the Syrian regime and its political plans which call for distinguishing between the components of North Syria stressing on their adherence to the peoples’ fraternity. This came during a meeting of the clan and a statement on behalf of the clan of al-Sharabiya.TILTEMIR-CIVINA-ELA-SERABI (1)

At the invitation of the elders of al-Sharabiya clan, a dialogue meeting and a luncheon were held at the aim of strengthening brotherhood, and emphasizing on the need to stand against those who try to sow discord between the components of the area. Prominent personalities in the clan, the representatives of the diplomatic relations of the Democratic Society Movement (TEV-DEM), the Relation Committee in Rojava Asayîş Forces, and the relations’ office in People Protection Units (YPG).

The meeting was held at the home of one of al-Sharabiya clan’s elders called Hajj Suleiman al-Hajaj who lives in the village of Bab al-Khair in Tel Tamir district in al-Hasakah canton.

In the meeting which began with holding a minute of silence for the honor of the martyrs’ souls, many members of al-Sharabiya clan spoke, and the first was Sheikh Ahmed Mohammed al-Khader who pointed out at the beginning of his speech that their clan is one of the first clans who joined the project of the democratic nation, and made sacrifices in defense of the project and the land and its people against terrorist forces.

As for the statement issued by persons alleging the collusion of al- Sharabiya clan with the schemes of the regime aimed at beating peoples’ fraternity in the area al-Khader said, “This statement does not represent the opinion of our clan, and it is not in our interest to collude with such schemes.”

There is no alternative to democratic federalism

The sheikh Ahmad al-Khader assured that everybody supports this practices has political aims that is spreading conflicts in the area, and he expressed that any work aims at supporting the interests of the components of North Syria would not be achieved except by fraternity of people, and the democratic federalism.

For his part, Abdul Fattah Fatimi, on behalf of the Democratic Society Movement, excluded out the doubts about any tribe or clan through such irresponsible statements. “This clan, like all the other clans in northern Syria, has a long history with the Kurds and others.”

In turn, a member of the clan Alaa Zweihr al-Hassan said in a statement, “For this statement, which I issued from the families of the martyrs and the families of the martyrs do not allow anyone to humiliate the values of martyrs, and we as a large clan after we made sacrifices do not accept that someone comes and governs us.

The text of statement:

We welcome this fraternal Friday, and I welcome the elders of the clan of al-Sharabiya and the comrades who were present in the clan.

The path of the revolution in north Syria is to be like each other and everyone must be working for development and progress and not be an individual in order to distinguish between the components, because this region has mixed the blood of its people in order to protect it, and we must work for the sake of the martyrs and be one hand and heart. One does not allow anyone to spoil what we sacrificed for, because those who were martyred on this land is not the people of Sham or the people of Homs or the people of Aleppo, but from the people of this land and this reality everyone knows.

The meeting ended with the confirmation by all parties that the statement issued on behalf of the al- Sharabiya clan represents the people and does not concern the clan.