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Al-Tabqa Civil Council strives at rescuing generations

AL-TABQA- Al-Tabqa Civil Council intends to rescue whole generations which ignorance was imposed on them after the city was occupied by several mercenary gangs with the beginning of the Syrian crisis in mid-March, 2011.

Al-Tabqa Civil Council held a meeting for the teachers in al-Tabqa city in order to form an organization which would supervise over the educational sector in the city that was liberated by Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) from IS mercenaries in May 10 after 50 days of battles.REQQA-TEBQA-KARE MECLISA-SIVIL ‫(1)‬

The co-chairs of al-Tabqa Civil Council Rowshan Hamy and Ahmad Sha’ban, their three deputies and about 60 teachers attended the institutional meeting of Education Committee which was held in the office of the council in al-Maqasem neighborhood.

The city includes 16 preparatory and secondary schools most of them need to be rebuilt and equipped because of the destruction inflicted by the Free Army, Jabhit al-Nusrah and IS mercenaries.

The member of al-Tabqa Civil Council Asiya al-Gharby addressed the teachers and assured on the necessity to promoting education and treating, correcting ignorance years in which mercenary groups controlled the city, and forced them to submit to teaching in accordance with curricula that rouses murder and incites national and religious tendencies.

Thousands of children and young people who do not even know how to write their names and have not attended schools for whole years are there in al-Tabqa. Moreover, official statistics of the uneducated in the newly liberated city is unknown.

After several hours of discussion, the attendees decided to form a committee to bring about progress and change in the educational reality in the city and its countryside, and to nominate the members of the Education Committee as 13 teachers were elected to be the members of the committee which is related to al-Tabqa Civil Council, and a number of them would join the training course in Cizîre (al-Jazeera) canton next time.

The elected committee would be in contact with the teachers in the city to encourage them to return to their work in addition to supervising over the schools rebuilding as four of them were partially damaged while the other twelve ones were greatly damaged.