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Al-Tabqa displaced suffer from moody relief orgs



ALTABQA – Displaced people in al-Tabqa city complain about the moody international and UN organizations that distribute scarce aid, with some families arriving, while thousands of families still do not know how about the aid.

Some 375,000 people are displaced in the city and rural areas. However, the lack of international aid creates difficulties for them. The two displaced children Alaa Al Awad and her twin sister starved to death a few days ago.

The scarcity of aid is not the only problem, but it is beyond that, the the distribution of aid has been controlled by their mood, according to a number of displaced people living in al-Tabqa.

“We did not receive any food or medical aid throughout our staying in al-Tabqa ,” says( A), a displaced woman from the city of al- Raqqa  who is currently a resident of the Yarmouk school in the town. “When aid was distributed we did not receive anything because under the pretext of having some furniture pieces, though we told them many a time that they are borrowed from some school neighbors. “

“International organizations appear to be occupied with registering our names without providing actual aid and assistance”, another refugee complained displaced at the same school.

“The main concern of the organizations is to register our names in their files to no avail, and the distribution has been limited to a few families,” says(R).

“They are not even fair when they see someone who has some dishes to eat in or the remains of mattresses he sleeps on which are often borrowed from charity people. They claim that we lie to them. So we are not given anything, leaving our miserable situation without paying any attention to us” said(R).