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Al-Tabqa is moving towards establishing a social economic system free of greed


AL-TABQA- The Economic Committee of the Executive Council of the Civil Administration of al-Tabqa formed the coordination for the development of the social economy in al-Tabqa with the aim of creating a social-economic base for building an economy in which the society would be the primary beneficiary.TIBQA-AVKIRINA-SISTEMA-ABORI-YA-CIVAKI-1-300x200

The Chamber of Commerce, under the auspices of the Economic Committee of the Democratic Civil Administration of al-Tabqa, held a consultative meeting called for by more than 200 persons and commercial efficiency in al-Tabqa and its countryside in order to form an organizational body with members of the region’s merchants.

The meeting was attended by the Co-chair of the Economic Committee in al-Tabqa, Iman al-Khalaf. The meeting began with talking about the bright future that awaiting the region and its children if efforts are combined in various fields, including trade.

She pointed out that the proposed system in the areas of civil administration “is a system that does not establish a greedy capitalism and is not based on unjust communism, but based on an integrated cooperative economy based on partnership that brings the trader to the management.”

Al-Khalaf considered the formation of a coordinating group of merchants from the region as well as those wishing to join them from the Syrian geography, which represents “a correct step for making decisions that regulate the business, supporting and monitoring the other side, supporting the trader to protect capital and commodities, and prevent monopoly and exploitation. “IMAIN-300x200

On the other hand, a number of traders and representatives of commercial events discussed the desired benefits that this coordination can offer, the most important of which is facing the bureaucracy that may adversely affect the market.

To be followed by the nomination of a number of attendees themselves to the membership of the Coordinating Development of the social economy in al-Tabqa, and to end the process of the election of thirteen members.

It should be noted that the Economic Commission was formed after the democratic process that resulted in the birth of the democratic civil administration of al-Tabqa.

Traders’ problems are expected to be a top priority for the new coordination.