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Al-Tabqa: More than 120 thousand refugees in dire need of help

AL-TABQA- In coincidence with the disturbances witnessed in the Turkish-held areas in the Syrian north, refugees number has steadily increased in al-Tabqa and its countryside, thus the number of refugees has reached 125 thousand refugees in al-Tabqa, according to Organizations Affairs Office.

Al-Tabqa has received around 60 thousand refugees since 3 months, most of them have come from the regime-held, Turkish occupied and IS-held areas.

Marwan al-Khoja, co-chair of Organizations Affairs Office in al-Tabqa Civil Council, said” huge number of refugees have flooded to al-Tabqa fleeing the regime shelling and IS’ oppression.

Al-Khoja attributed refugees taking shelter in al-Tabqa to” al-Tabqa has become a safe shelter due to two reasons; the most crucial is SDF’s liberation of the city, while the other lies in the geographic position of the city”.

The city has received massive displacement movements from the eastern countryside of Aleppo governate, Palmyra and its countryside which is seized by the Syrian regime during the last 6 months, in addition to that, refugees escaping IS terror and battles in al-Raqqa flow to the city.MERWAN EL XOCA

Recently, the city has received refugees from the northern Aleppean countryside and Azaz villages who escape the Turkish occupation army’s acts.

According to initial statistics conducted by Organizations Affairs Office, the number of refugees has reached 125 thousand refugees making up around 23 thousand family distributed on the city’s neighborhoods.

In the same context, the co-chair of Organizations Affairs Office thanked supporting organizations, calling to increase the aids, particularly that the medical field has not witnessed any developments.

Some of the displaced families have expressed their suffering due to the scarcity of humanitarian support amid the low living conditions and poor hygienic accommodation.

Schools have been turned into real refugee camps which are busy with poverty-stricken families while most international relief organizations are turning a blind eye to the refugees’ suffering.