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Al-Tabqa municipality takes measures to regulate construction process

AL-TABQA- As stability factors in al-Tabqa city were assured and the return of thousands of residents to it, increasing urban activity, prompting the People’s municipality in al-Tabqa to open an office that regulates construction and prevents the illegal construction.
The People’s municipality in al-Tabqa has established the licensing office, which aims, in cooperation with the technical office, to study the requests of those who wish to build within the urban plan allowed to prevent abuses that have targeted public and private property.TIBQA-KARIE ŞAREDARI (2)

“The office was opened with the aim of determining the type of building to be built commercially or domestically, in addition to combating the violations that may be committed in the construction work with the participation of the technical office and preventing violations of property, both public and private and to enumerate violations of the opportunists who exploited the period after liberation and deal with it according to the decisions in force.” Said Najim Najim, engineer in the Licenses Bureau.

It should be noted that al-Tabqa area has witnessed a remarkable construction movement, especially in the last two months, due to the general sense of security and stability after liberation