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Al-Tabqa reinforces its defense system by forming first military regiment


AL-TABQA– On Monday, the first military regiment in al-Tabqa was officially announced in conjunction with threats launched by the regime and behind it Iran to the liberated areas by the Syrian Democratic Forces.TEBQA-AVAKIRNA-FOJ (3)

For the first time in the liberated city of al-Tabqa in May 10, the formation of the first military regiment was announced.

The ceremony was held in al-Sefsaf village adjacent to al-Tabqa from the east, in the presence of leaders of the Syrian Democratic Forces and the Co-chairs of the Legislative and Executive Councils in the Democratic Civil Administration of al-Tabqa and members of civil and military institutions in addition to dozens of people of the region.

The participants were enrolled in a training course that lasted about a month, during which they received intellectual and military training

The ceremony began with a minute of silence coinciding with the presentation of the military parade by the fighters enrolled in the regiment, followed by several words that began with the words of the leader of the Syrian Democratic Forces, Roni Hassan, “I congratulate these young people who joined the first regiment, hoping that one day all components of this society will join for the military forces in all its forms. Because of the history we had in the past, all societies had forces that protected them from both internal and external attacks.”

The military regiment includes 250 fighters, all from al-Tabqa.

“Today, we are faced with a historic opportunity to achieve freedom and self-management in our own right, after what we have experienced in the days of the Baathist regime and the obscurantist IS mercenaries after it, and we are proud today of the Civil and Military Councils of al-Tabqa that will advance and flourish over the coming days.”

Shortly after the liberation of al-Raqqa city on October 17, the Baathist regime, after meetings with Iranian officials, launched threats of attacks on al-Raqqa and areas liberated by Syrian Democratic Forces.

“If it were not for the blood of the heroic martyrs that we have stood with you today, the true champions are the ones who protect the homeland and defend the freedom and dignity of the people,” said the Co-Chair of the Public Relations Committee of the Executive Council. With our hands forming armies that cut off the hands of anyone who tries to attack us. “

The announcement of the regiment is an important step in strengthening the defense system in al-Tabqa.”

“You are the people and the one responsible for protection, you are our hope and our highest ideals, we sleep as you do not sleep, all respect and appreciation to your greatness and sacrifices, which are not measured in price, you are the watchful eye of this people and this land.”

In mid-October, the first battalion of women in the class was named “Martyr Haboun Arab”.

“The resistance sun rises in the history of the Middle East, and the citadel of steadfastness and resistance is Syria, who stood up against colonialism, obscurantist forces and mercenaries, and delivered to all the message that we are a people who do not accept defeat and will not give up an inch of his land even if the cost of martyrs and blood.”

The group carries the name of the “Martyr Delovan Layla” battalion, the first of the Syrian Democratic Forces of al-Tabqa who martyred during the liberation campaign of the city of al-Raqqa on 6 June.

“The task of the military regiment is to protect the city from the attacks of the Baathist regime or mercenaries and mercenaries of Erdogan, and our work is to protect our land and unite it from any aggression with our blood and our souls for this land,” said Salah al-Din al-Nasser.

In conclusion, the Dabkeh was held with Arab and Kurdish participation of all civilian and military participants.