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Al-Tabqa students reap fruits of a full semester of diligence

AL-TABQA -The Pedagoy and Education Committee of the Democratic Civil Administration of North Syria in al-Tabqa area have distributed the first semester vacations to primary school students in al-Tabqa city and its countryside.

After finishing of the recreational holiday for the first semester and the start of the second semester, the school administrations started under the guidance of the PedagogyCommittee in al-Tabqa area distributed distributions and is scheduled to continue until the end of this week to including more than 50 thousand students in al-Tabqa city and its countryside distributed over 180 schools.

The Pedagogy  Committee pointed out the high rate of success and excellence of this chapter and attributed the reason to the specialized educational cadres, which includes about 1500 teachers and schools.


The students have expressed their joy at receiving certificates of excellence and appreciation, expressing their thanks and gratitude to their teachers.

In a related context, preparations are being made for the opening of two primary schools in an attempt by the Pedagogy Committee to accommodate as many children as possible in al-Tabqa

It is worth noting that this is the first time that distributions and intimidation have been distributed to students in al-Tabqa since the beginning of the Syrian war, which led to the spread of illiteracy among the people of the area .