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Al-Tabqa: the fiercest confrontations, 72 mercenaries killed

AL-RAQQA- Clashes which erupted on Sunday resulted in dealing strong blows to the mercenaries, 2 amirs and 72 mercenaries were killed and others were captivated. in addition, 10 vehicles were destroyed, two Syrian Democratic Forces fighters have fallen in the battles.

Al-Tabqa liberation and Euphrates Dam campaign launched in March 21st is tightening its grip on the mercenaries in al-Tabqa city, the mercenaries tried to break the siege and launched attacks on Sunday.

Wide-range attacks have been foiled

The fiercest attack was launched at 05:00 on Ayed al-Kabir and Jib Abu Jaber south of al-Tabqa, another was launched on Ajeyl southwest of al-Tabqa Military Airport and east of al-Tabqa city and Abad, al-Safsafah and Sahel al-Khashab villages.

As vision decreased to 5 meters, the mercenaries tried to take advantage of the bad weather conditions exploiting a sandstorm, the fighters however attentive, they could handle the situation and repelled the mercenaries’ attacks

The Syrian Democratic Forces blocked the road before IS gangs and prevented them from breaking the siege, the direct confrontations which started at 05:00 and lasting till 22:00 resulted in inflicting the mercenaries huge losses.

Ayed al-Kabir and Jib Abu Jaber

The mercenaries trying to break the siege and save its mercenaries, attacks were launched south of al-Tabqa city targeting Ayed al-Kabir and Jib Abu Jaber villages. During the attacks, the mercenaries were dealt strong blows, and demanded reinforcements from the city. Syrian Democratic Forces who are positioned nearby Ayed al-Kabir targeted the reinforcements sent to the mercenaries, a vehicle loaded with ammunition, two military vehicles, and a Toyota car were targeted by the fighters.

The confrontations which erupted in Ayed al-Kabir and Jib Abu Jaber resulted in killing 3 amirs, the attack foiled, 3 bodies of the mercenaries were seized, one RBJ launcher, 5 bombs, 3 Kalashnikovs, a suicide vest, two storages and some ammunition.

Attacks east of al-Tabqa foiled, 1 km advance

East of al-Tabqa, the mercenaries tried to exploit the sandstorm and occupy Abad, al-Safsafah and Sahel al-Khashab, the mercenaries were faced by heroic resistance, 10 mercenaries were killed, two vehicles destroyed by a mine planted by SDF fighters on their way, and another was seized.

24 killed in Ajeyl and al-Tabqa Airport

During the attacks on al-Tabqa Airport and Ajeyl village, 24 mercenaries were killed including 2 amirs, 17 bodies were seized, also an RBJ, 8 Kalashnikovs, 2 BKCs, 2 grenades, a walkie-talkie, a motorcycle and 3 vans were seized.

800-meter progress was made on western axis

On the western axis of the city, 5 mercenaries were killed, one captivated, also two vehicles were destroyed, and 3 Kalashnikovs were seized.

Global coalition forces carried out 7 air raids

The global coalition forces to fight IS provided aerial support for the SDF, the warplanes targeted the mercenaries’ positions with 7 air raids. This resulted in killing 30 mercenaries, a vehicle loaded with a machine gun, a Hammer, and a public transportation vehicle were destroyed.

SDF fighters martyred

Repelling the attacks, two fighters fell in the battles and other four were wounded.

The confrontations are still ongoing near of al-Tabqa.