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Al-Tabqa women assert struggle to eliminate violence


AL-TABQA– Al-Tabqa women confirmed on the need of forming a united front to stand in the face of violence against women.

With the approaching of International Day for Eliminating Violence Agains Women, on November 25th, various activities are continuing in al-Tabqa in this frame.TIBQA-CEVINAJINEN-TEBQA-1-300x200

In this context, women organization in the Youth and Sport Committee of al-Tabqa’ Civil Democratic Administration held a lecture attended by dozens of members of the councils and civil institutions in al-Tabqa and its rural areas.

During the lecture, which was held at the center of the Women’s Council in al-Tabqa and its countryside in the second neighborhood, the administration of the Youth and Sports Committee, Hawar Ali, recalled the practices that women are subjected to. “Women are subjected to injustice, humiliation and psychological pressure that lead to humiliating and confining women.

The administrator also referred to the involvement of masculine societies in underestimating women throughout history. “Societies have made women a sex object only and for the service of men and some popular proverbs define her as “minor rib.”

Ali expressed her confidence that any society cannot be liberated unless freedom of women is achieved. “The revolution that does not liberate women is not a revolution.”TIBQA-CEVINAJINEN-TEBQA-3-300x200

At the end of the lecture, participants called for women to be cohesive and to take a unified stance on violence against women and struggle against it.

It is scheduled that another lecture to be held, in the same context, on Wednesday afternoon.