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Al-Tabqa Women Council formed Widows Organization

AL-TABQA- Women Council in al-Tabqa formed “Widows Organization” by the participation of 228 widows from al-Tabqa city and al-Safsafah neighborhood which is east of al-Tabqa city, and Jaabar and Bir al-Sanaa neighborhoods that are located north al-Tabqa city on the other bank of the lake.HIND ELI

The organization was formed during a meeting held in Women Council Center in al-Tabqa, and dozens of women attended it.

This organization would consider the states of women who lost their husbands; their styles of life and their revenue.

Moreover, this organization includes a committee of 13 members, and it would take responsibility for the widow’s needs by insuring job opportunities in one of Women Council projects or bodies in addition to teaching them crafts to be able to organize themselves and prove their capabilities in all fields.

The administrative of al-Tabqa Women Council Hind al-Ali assured that the organization aims at giving the widows chances to depend on themselves without needing anybody’s help “

Hind al-Ali added that the widows would participate in the future projects of Women Council including  workshops and literacy courses in addition to cafeterias that would be opened for them on the northern corniche (coastal road) of al-Ahyaa area.