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Al-Tabqa Women ‘s Council Martyrdom of Avista a, Barin will pay thousands to join YPJ


AL_TABQA– Women ‘s Council of al-Tabqa  and its countryside  confirmed that thousands of women will join the Women ‘s Protection Units (YPJ) to follow their way of MartyrAvista Khabor and Barin Kobani who were martyred in Afrin canton during the response to the Turkish aggression which launched on January 20

The fighter in the Women’s Protection Units (YPJ) Avista Khabor carried out a commando operation in Hammam village late last month while the fighter Barin  Kobani in her forehead cited the fighting against the mercenaries of the Turkish occupation army who represented of her body in front of the world’s eyes, which sparked outrage in North Syria and the Middle East.

In this context, the Women’s Council of al-Tabqa and its countryside denounced this heinous crime.

The statement was delivered in the presence of the  co-chair of the Executive Council of the Democratic Civil Administration, Hind Al-Ali and the Co-Chair of the Legislative Council of al-Tabqa area , Rowshin hami  the statement was read by Dowha Kahlifa the administative in Women ‘s council

Khalifa confirmed during a statement  was read at the center of the Women’s Council in the second neighborhood in al-Tabqa city

“The Turkish enemy, and in the face of its failure to advance the Afrin battles, began resorting to inhuman and immoral acts of terrorism to commit massacres and to represent bodies in an attempt to break the resistance shown by heroes  Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) and Fighters (YPG , YPJ ) in Afrin in repelling the Turkish aggression “.

“Martyr Avista Khabor and Barin Kobani will serve as role models for the free women who fight and their martyrdom will open the door for thousands to join the resistance