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Al-Tabqa Women’s Council preparing to open 1st kindergarten

Al –TABQA- The kindergartens committee of the Women’s Council of al-Tabqa is preparing to open the first kindergarten for children, this is the first kind of this project to be launched by the Women’s Council, as part of a series of kindergartens to be opened later in al –Tabqa city.

The education sector suffered from a severe crisis during the occupation of IS mercenaries, where children were denied education except in places identified by IS mercenaries poisoning children’s minds and inciting them to kill and calling them” cubs of the Caliphate”.

Soon after liberation of the city on May 10, the educational sector witnessed an intensive activity of voluntary rehabilitation courses coincided with the formation of the Education Committee, which started on its part the maintenance of schools and the registration of teachers who will participate in the educational process.

The preparation of the kindergarten in parallel with preparations by the Education Committee in the Council of the al-Tabqa Civil Council to start the next academic year 2017/2018.

In this context, the kindergartens committee in the al-Tabqa Women Council began to prepare the first kindergarten in the city, and will be opened in the next few days coinciding with the start of the school year.

In the kindergartens committee, Safa Khallouf said that kindergarten will include children from kindergarten to the age of five years.

Kindergarten located in the second district opposite to the Cultural Center is divided into three sections: the first section is the nursery section and includes children from the age of 2 years and below. The second section is the hearing department for children aged 3 to 4 years. The third section is for children who have reached the age of 5 years where they will be taught to write and read in order to prepare for the school stage.

The administration pointed out that the establishment of the nursery section in order to facilitate the work of women in the areas of life and not to limit their work because of raising children at home, which negatively affects the field of work.

Four other kindergartens are scheduled to open in the coming period, but the administrative in the kindergartens committee has not set a clear timetable for the opening of the four kindergartens.