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Al-Tabqa Young women will revenge to fighter whom her body represented on


AL-TABQA- of Young Women Union in al-Tabqa north of Syria said thousands of women would continue to fight in the (YPJ) ranks.

The statement of Young Women Union is the first official reaction in al-Tabqa in connection with the crime committed by the Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries against the (YPJ) fighters and the representation of her body after the martyr fell on Afrin land.

He condemned the statement made by the administrator of Young Women Union, Laila al-Abd, “the crimes of mercenaries against our people in Afrin and the massacres committed against them daily without any deterrent.”

The Women’s Union considered “the major crime committed against female fighter in (YPJ) and representation without any respect for any human, moral or religious belief.” They tried to break the free will of women and their effective role in defending the land which was represented by the martyrdom operation carried out by the martyr Avista Khabo “.

The statement described the crime as “immoral and similar to terrorist acts committed by IS mercenaries against the peoples of the area.”

The statement also stressed that “this crime will not break the will of free women fighting and will be the response by the accession of thousands of women to the ranks of (YPJ) and walk on the path of martyrs and revenge for them.”