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Al-Tabqa’s Religious Affairs Institution is building mosque in al-Hamam village  



AL-TABQA- Religious Affairs Institution in al-Tabqa began a project to build a mosque in al-Hamam village at al-Mansoura town in al-Tabqa eastern countryside.

This is not the first step by al-Tabqa’s Religious Affairs institution. It has already begun the restoration of mosques destroyed by IS mercenaries, such as al-Furqan Mosque in the 2nd neighborhood of al-Tabqa cityTEBQA-LIKRNA-JAMI (3)

These steps are met by positive reactions in al-Tabqa and in which the people are seen an open by the Religious Affairs Institution to all religions and sects in the region.

During IS mercenaries occupation period of al-Tabqa city, no effort was exerted to harness mosques to impose their ideological identity on the people, exploiting their religious feelings under the cloak of Islam, which calls for justice and tolerance to promote the agenda of its princes with regional and international dimensions.

In the context of implementing its systematic policy, some mosques have been converted into official headquarters (courts, for example). This has raised the indignation of people who saw this as a threat to mosques and worshipers in the event of any raid against IS mercenaries especially that the regime’s air force had targeted several mosques, as Musab Bin Omair mosque in the 1st  neighborhood and al-Furqan Mosque in the 2nd neighborhood.TEBQA-LIKRNA-JAMI (1)

It is worth mentioning that in the battles of liberating al-Tabqa, no mosque has been targeted by the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) or its Allies, which earned them the appreciation of society in general, also the liberation was followed by the restoration of damaged mosques as a result of the previous military actions of the regime. The area of the mosque to be built is about 875 square meters.

IS mercenaries exploited the injustice that al-Tabqa people suffered for decades to justify their actions. The first step was to control everything that is related to Islam by excluding religious scholars who have legitimate knowledge.

It is scheduled that the Religious Affairs Institution in al-Tabqa will finish the mosque building within a period of not more than 3 months.

Thus, the IS mercenaries were given rhetoric on the mosques platforms in the city, despite the fact that many of them did not really know the rhetoric and religious science, with the violation of the sanctity of the Arabic language, and began to spread among those present their ideas calling for their alleged coup and their inscrutable speech, that many of the mosque’s pilgrims abandoned their mosques.

Religious Affairs Institution has not yet launched a name to the mosque, but a name for the mosque is likely to be chosen later.

With the liberation of al-Tabqa city by (SDF) on May 10, life took another way and people voluntarily attended worship places and practiced their rituals freely.