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Alawi women: Ocelan devoted his life to liberate us, it is time to liberate him


AFRIN-Alwi women who participated in the sit-in and hunger strike in Mobata district condemned the isolation imposed on Kurdish leader Abdullah Ocelan, and said  “Ocelan has devoted his life to women’s freedom and it is time that our leader lives freely.”

The women’s comments came on the sidelines of the sit-in and hunger strike in Mobata district, organized by Kongra Star, to denounce the isolation imposed on Ocelan and to reveal his health.

In this context ,the co-chair of Mobata Council Zelokh Hussein said “I condemn the isolation imposed on the leader of the Kurdish people, Abdullah Ocelan, and we organized a hunger strike tent to send a message to all the countries of the world that we are following our leader and the path of freedom  which he has given us.”ZINEB

A member in Kongra Star Zaineb Shikh Mohammed from the Alwi community in Mobata district condemned the isolation on Ocelan and said “We will not stand idly by in front of the policies of the fascist Turkish state against the Kurdish people and its leader, but we will fight for the liberation of our leader.”

In turn, a member of Kongra Star Gouna Mustafa said that the rumors circulated by the Turkish media about the deterioration of the health of the leader has become known that these rumors is only a policy used by the Turkish state in the framework of the special war to undermine the will of the Kurdish people.XONA

she added “We will continue our activities and demand the freedom of the leader Abdullah Ocelan and we will strive to achieve them. We are a people who do not thirst for blood, but we are a people who have longed for freedom from eternity.”