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Aldar khalil: we rely on political, diplomatic, peaceful options to solve Syrian crisis

GIRKÊ LEGÊ– The member of Executive Body in the Democratic Society Movement Aldar Khalil said during the  7th  PYD conference that Democratic Union Party could build a system relying on fraternity of peoples in Rojava and Syria instead of nationalists regimes in the Middle East,  and he emphasized that Kurds do not have any planes to dividing Syria.

The co-chair in Al-Cizîre Canton Sheik Hemedi Deham emphasized that north Syria is the best and the safest region in grace of PYD.

Aldar Khalil also added “as you know in the 20th century the occupying forces divided the Middle East and established nations and states, but PYD in Rojava revolution could overcome narrow national borders and could build a new modern model and a system that depends on fraternity of peoples especially in Rojava and Syria .

Khalil also added that all components participated in building the solution project to solve the Syrian crisis and

Aldar khalil appealed the international community to help Kurds and said” Kurds develop the democratic project in the Middle East ,Kurds have the project of fraternity of peoples and coexistence, and we have no other divisions plans and everyone has to know that Kurds are the example of democratic revolution in Syria and if there are solutions to solve Syrian crisis they have to cooperate with Kurds who want to build democratic system, PYD represents this project which protects all components rights .