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Aleppo Yazidis are celebrating the Red Wednesday

Suleiman AhmadHELAB-CIJIA-EZDIYA1 ‫(116261378)‬ ‫‬

ALEPPO– Aleppo Yazidis are celebrating in Sheikh Maqsoud neighborhood are celebrating the Red Wednesday or the Yazidi New Year for the first time.

Yazidis in Sheikh Maksoud neighborhood have been deprived of celebrating this day since the regime controlled the neighborhood and then when it was attacked by the Turkey-backed mercenaries.

In Syria, Yazidis have been subjected to many oppressive practices on basis of their religion, they were prohibited from performing their customs and traditions, Yazidis say that the Syrian regimes acts were ones of the many they experienced.

The Yazidi religion was not recognized in the Syrian constitution, that is to say the Baathist, it was not also given in syllabuses, the Red Wednesday rituals were performed in the houses secretly.

Amid these despotic policies, Yazidis were encouraged to immigrate to European countries.RUSIN XELIL MUSA

Around 300 Yazidi families reside in Shiekh Maksoud, Ashrafiyah and Suryan neighborhoods.

Yazidis representative in Sheikh Maksoud Roshin Khalil Musa said” July 19 Revolution was a salvation to us, without it, we could have lost our religion, a Yazidi association will be opened in the near future”.

Preparations for the Red Wednesday include coloring 12 boiled eggs, every three are colored with a season’s color, the egg indicates the earth is oval, boiling it indicates that the earth is frozen, and the crust indicates ice melting, the coloring tradition is an indication of the flowers that opened with the coming of “ King Peacock” .



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